Midnight Aqua

Midnight Aqua
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Price: $24.95

100% high quality cotton. Stylish and functional pocket on right side, gathered at the top and trimmed with an accent bow. Double ruffle base and upswept sides create a uniquely fashionable finish.

Subtle beauty and feel good comfort make the Spicy Blue Eve a favorite women's apron for all occasions. One size fits most.

Whether you are petite or full figured, Spicy Aprons wrap you in fun, fashion and feel good.

Aprons that brighten your day...

Spicy Aprons wrap you in style and "feel good" every time you wear them. Fashion and functionality go hand in hand with Spicy Aprons! All of our women's aprons are made of highest quality cotton for maximum comfort and style. No more boring aprons for you! With a Spicy Apron, you'll feel and look great and that's the way an apron should make you feel!

*Fabric Guard Treatment

Our exclusive fabric guard treatment is available for all Spicy Aprons. This special treatment provides added protection for your apron and is optionally available at checkout.

30 Day Guarantee

Spicy Aprons are backed by a 30 day refund policy to insure your satisfaction.

Shipping is available through your choice of UPS or the USPS.
Customer Reviews
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Husband loves the way I look in my apron

Cute and stylish is how I describe my Midnight Aqua. Hubby likes it too so itâ

Reviewed by marleeb

Quality and Comfort

Kudos on the Midnight Aqua apron! Such a deep rich color mix and sassy style, it looks great and is very comfortable.

Reviewed by wtomlin

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