Spicy "Bun Man" Black Men's Apron

Spicy "Bun Man" Black Men's Apron
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Price: $19.95

All Spicy men's aprons are made with heavy duty, durable cotton to handle the use and abuse that guys dish out. Black background with white printed theme. Includes adjustable neck tie and long waist ties. One size fits all.

Spicy men's aprons are designed for the guy who loves to grill or cook, combining functionality with appropriate "guy theme" slogans to fit his individual personality. Spicy Men's Aprons are the perfect "guy" gift any time of year and for every occasion.

Men's aprons combine functionality and fun themes to fit his personality!

Spicy Men's Aprons are designed for guys who are the masters of the BBQ grills or the guy who hits the kitchen to cook up his latest gourmet inventions for all to enjoy.

All of our men's aprons are made with durable cotton polyester blends to provide extra protection for those times when "run away" sauces or airborne meats land on the chef instead of the platter!

Choose from a variety of printed themes that fit his personality to add that extra guy touch!

30 Day Guarantee

Spicy Aprons are backed by a 30 day refund policy to insure your satisfaction.

Shipping is available through your choice of UPS or the USPS.
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